The Center of Your Materials Testing Workflow

ForneyVault creates seamless, unbreakable data flows between the disparate and disconnected pieces of your construction materials testing workflow. Finally, an automated chain from the time samples are poured through breaking through results dissemination and archiving.


Make your testing machine smart and your technician smarter.

If you have a Forney VFD series testing machine, you’ve already started to realize the power of automation in your testing process. ForneyVault takes it a giant step further, connecting your machine seamlessly to the cloud, LIMS packages, QC software and other third-party software.

Have older manual equipment? No problem. ForneyVault can be connected to just about any machine by retrofitting it with a ForneyLink® human-machine interface, or fully into a VFD Series automatic machine.


Integrate directly with your laboratory software.

ForneyVault uses a robust API layer and native integrations to send data directly from the testing machine to your LIMS package or QC package. Integrations include:

Custom software or database? No sweat. ForneyVault can interface directly with Excel, business intelligence suites, ERP and MRP tools and even homegrown databases.

Don’t have existing software? Not a problem. The ForneyTools™ package gives you the essentials you need to digitize and optimize your workflows.


Bring other equipment
into your workflow.

Seamlessly integrate emerging technology and efficiency upgrades into your workflow. Supported hardware includes:

  • Barcode readers
  • Label printers
  • Automatic scales
  • Digital calipers