How It Works

ForneyVault® is a cloud-based software platform designed to increase the efficiency and security of dataflows and archiving in the materials testing process. It links automatic and manual testing machines with LIMS, ERP and MRP packages, ancillary equipment like barcode scanners, and a private cloud database. The result is enhanced laboratory productivity, improved test accuracy, a reduction in human error and increased trust and transparency in the testing process and results.

Sample & Machine Integration

ForneyVault can be used with a Forney VFD Series automatic testing machine, or a manual machine fitted with a ForneyLink® touchscreen interface.

In either case, sample/specimen and test protocol data is pre-loaded into the machine interface. After the test, records are automatically sent to the ForneyVault Azure cloud database, other systems of record (e.g., LIMS, ERP and MRP) and human stakeholders. Test results cannot be entered into ForneyVault by hand. This restriction enhances data integrity by creating an unbreakable, auditable link between the specimen or sample, the machine, the test itself and the database.

ForneyVault can be used to sync multiple testing machines with the same cloud, creating a virtual network and single source of truth. Data is stored in a secure environment, and never comingled with that of other ForneyVault users.

Database Features

ForneyVault’s cloud database provides structure for your lab’s testing, analytics, access and security needs. Results are accessible by authorized users 24/7/365 from any device, forever.

Testing machines themselves share a database structure and scheme with the cloud environment, promoting scalability and operational speed. If a machine is not connected to a 3G, 4G, LAN or WiFi network, results can be cached locally and automatically uploads to the cloud when connectivity returns.

User administration is simple, and any authorized user can search for or filter results. Multiple user roles allow for custom security preferences depending on your needs.


ForneyVault connects to third-party systems via a robust API engine. Prebuilt connectors allow for near-plug-and-play connectivity, while custom integrations can be performed by anyone with development experience.

If you don’t use lab management software now, you can deploy our ForneyTools™ suite, included free with any ForneyVault subscription. ForneyTools gives you the essentials you need to manage your testing workflows without software bloat or added overhead.

ForneyVault is an indispensable tool for the construction materials laboratory that cares about quality and efficiency. It is a “must have” for the laboratory with a high volume of concrete product testing.


Request a Demo of ForneyVault

We’d love to show you how the ForneyVault construction materials testing software platform can drive productivity, accuracy and transparency in your workflows.

ForneyVault works with any testing machine; you can even (easily!) retrofit old manual machines. It can interface with just about any piece of software. And it even works with ancillary equipment like barcode scanners.